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Konkan !!
The gift of paradise to Maharashtra! The land created by great Parshurama !
Vetore is a village in Vengurla Taluka Dist Sindhudurg, near
Kokan coast of Maharashtra, India.This village has natural beau
ty, as well as a rich culture and heritage. The village is sourrounded
by a range of hills with a lushgreen follage(mainly cashew,
mango, coconut plantations interspersed with all kinds of berry
trees) . To the south there is Dabholi hills This village has
beautiful temples like Shri Sateri Devi, Shri Ravalnath etc.

Shri Sateri Devi is the GRAM DAIWAT of Vetore, it is well known
DAIWAT in Maharashtra and other parts of Indian resident
Maharashtrian peoples.
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